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Saffron has medicinal properties, the most important of which is joyousness. Therefore, saffron is used as a natural anti-depression and nerve-soothing remedy.
Other benefits of saffron include facilitation of digestion, elimination of bloating, facilitation of blood circulation, and hematopoiesis. Moreover, it has antioxidative and anticancer properties.

Since saffron has exhibited euphoric effects, some European pharmaceutical companies use it as anti-depressant integrators. The crocin and safranal existing in saffron have the same effect as fluoxetine, preventing the reabsorption dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, and play their anti-depressant role.

Erectile dysfunction has affected more than 150 million men worldwide. In traditional medicine, saffron is used as an aphrodisiac. This property comes from the crocin existing in this herb.

Saffron increases the feeling of satiety and helps to lose weight.

The most important compounds found in saffron include water-soluble yellow compounds (crocetin derivatives); bitter compounds such as picrocrocin, that are beneficial to stomach; aromatic materials (essences) such as safranal, that sometimes accounts for 1% of saffron; fixed oil (at a maximum of 10%); moisture content (13.10%); and minerals (about 5%).
A tablespoon of saffron (2 grams) contains the following items:
– ۶ calories
– ۱٫۳ gr carbohydrates
– ۰٫۲ gr protein
– ۰٫۱ gr lipid
– ۰٫۱ gr fibre
– ۰٫۶ mg manganese (28% of the recommended daily allowances)
– ۱٫۶ mg vitamin C (3% of the recommended daily allowances)
– ۵٫۳ mg magnesium (1% of the recommended daily allowances)
– ۰٫۲ mg iron (1% of the recommended daily allowances)
– ۵ mg phosphorus (1% of the recommended daily allowances)
– ۳۴٫۵ mg potassium (1% of the recommended daily allowances)

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