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Saffron is a medicinal and industrial herb. The stigma or the red part of saffron is called threads, which is light red at the beginning of harvest and gradually turns dark. Fresh threads have a pleasant smell and taste and add a special taste and flavour to foods. Saffron (red gold) is the main source of income for farmers in Khorasan.

Saffron has a cost-effective transportation. Saffron is used in foods and medicines and also attract considerable attention because of its limited cultivation in Iran. Saffron cultivation is the job of most people in Khorasan and plays a special role in their lives.

The wonderful and high-quality colour of saffron in this region, compared to the saffron cultivated in other areas of the world, has led to the highest efficiency and customer attraction. Due to desirable climatic conditions for planting this scarce crop, as well as the soil of this area, which is rich in nutrients needed for its growth, about 4,500 hectares of lands in Birjand are under saffron cultivation. With a production of 30 tons per year, which accounts for a substantial share of global production, Birjand is known as the world’s capital of red gold.

فروشگاه اینترنتی در زمینه عرضه و فروش زعفران بسته بندی شده و فله بیرجند فعالیت می‌ کند. دسترسی آسان به حجم وسیعی از زعفران اصل و درجه یک جهان با فروشگاه اینترنتی زعفران بیرجند میسر شده است. Dismiss